Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snapshot in Kansas

Grandma and Grandpa's new swings! The kids love them.

Quintyn and Karsyn, precious babies.
I can't get enough pictures of these two together. Too cute!
The kids. I don't think that the girls could have any more fun. They love each other

Brian showing the kids how to make smores. Love it!

I love Kansas in the summer!! Besides the heat, there is nothing I would change. The hummingbirds whizzing around the porch, the horses snorting and stomping in the field, the dogs running and barking, the cicadas, frogs, and crickets chorus in the sweltering sunset. The smell of the grass, whiffs of horse manure, and the heavy moss and fish smell of the pond. The kids asking for poptarts every morning for breakfast, Brian's mom's cooking, trips to Wichita for this and that. I love it.