Friday, August 12, 2011

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Kenndall petting the baby porcupine

Mya, and the kids!
The albino alligator.
Cooper and the lemurs
Coop and the lemurs
One more, the lemurs loved this boy. I think because he is so calm and laid back, they didn't like the girls as much. Plus, the girls were scared a little.
Becky, Mya, Kenndall and Cooper on the camel.
Brian and Clayton with the porcupine
Mya and Kenndall petting the kangaroo.
Feeding the giraffe
Tanganyika is an interactive wildlife park in Goddard, KS. It is so neat. I will be excited to go back when it is cooler than the 112 heat we endured the day we were there. The kids had a great time.