Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School and other goings on....

Yesterday was Cooper's first day of Kindergarten!! He said his favorite things were playing vampires and superheros with his new friends, playing games in PE, and shaking his booty in singing class. LOL! He said that he got chocolate milk for a snack and something that wasn't his favorite so he gave it to someone else (he didn't know what it was.) He said he liked his class and he was ready to go back this morning. So, I think we are off to a great start.

Poor Karsyn has been sick for several days. 102 fever, no sleeping, and she is so sad. The only thing that would comfort her was me rocking her, unfortunately that is the only way she would sleep too, so Karsyn and I have spent 3 nights in the recliner. However, this morning, I think her fever is better, and hopefully she will get back to her old self!
I took Karsyn to the dr. yesterday. She weighs 13 lbs and is 25 inches long. She is growing like she should! She is rolling all over the place, I think she is already wanting to keep up with her brother and sisters. :)
Brian teaching Kenndall to fire a mini crossbow.
Clayton firing the crossbow.
And Cooper, he loved it.

I am glad summer is over. I love that the days aren't unbearably hot, but that we can still hop in the pool. We can sit on the patio and enjoy the evening together as a family. My new job starts next week. I will be an adjunct professor at LCU! I am so excited to be teaching. This is my first higher education teaching opportunity, and I am thrilled to be able to do what I love. My TTU classes start this week, too. I am taking 9 hours this semester. My qualitative research class is going to be so great, the teacher is fantastic and I am so excited to be taking that. The other two classes, I really am not that interested in, but they are merely steps in the process.

I am so thankful for my sweet family and most of all my husband. Sometimes I wonder why God has given him to me. He supports me 100% in my school and my work. He is the best dad to my kids. Last night I was so tired and frustrated (from taking care of Karsyn) and he knew the exact words I needed to hear, he made me laugh, and helped me to realize that everything was ok. On August 3rd, we had our 9th anniversary. WOW! It is amazing that God has created something so wonderful and so good from two completely clueless selfish individuals. It blows me away to look back on the last 9 years and see how far we have come. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the next 9 years. More growing I am sure, but with the growing comes such a deeper knowledge of what real love is.

Wow. I am kind of emotional today. I will blame it on lack of sleep. :)

My to do list today is about 3 pages long.......adios.