Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Quick Christmas Pics

 Clayton digging into her stocking.
 Kenndall with her stocking
 Cooper checking out some star wars figures from his stocking.
 Karsyn in her Christmas dress.
The kiddos with the tree

 Karsyn in another cute Christmas outfit.
 I love this picture because of the precious smile from Karsyn, and the crazy smashed face on Clayton.   Silly girls.
 Ready for church on Christmas morning with the Cates cousins.  We had so much fun with them in Kansas, what a great group of kids!
 Karsyn and Quintyn, they love chewing on everything!
 The three muskateers.  Kenndall, Mya and Clayton.
 These girls play 100 miles a minute.  :)

They are precious!

Christmas in Kansas was great.  Christmas in Lubbock was great.  Christmas with our little family was great.   However, I am glad it is over and we can begin to get back into routine.  My frazzled brain is full of a never ending list to things I need to get done.  I am so excited to see what 2012 brings.  I feel that God has done incredible things for me, spiritually this year and I know the coming year will bring more growth and I am excited to experience that.  I haven't had much time to blog this past semester, and I won't have time to blog in the coming semester, but I will try to at least post special events and when I need it, some processing of my crazy thoughts.