Friday, January 27, 2012

February already!

 Karsyn likes to stand by herself, but  no steps yet!  I am expecting that any day.  The girl is almost 10 months old, so of course she thinks she needs to start walking.
 She loves to eat.  Beans and cornbread was a hit the other night, meatloaf, chicken nuggets, and even pizza at school are some of the foods she is enjoying right now.  The silly girl would never eat a bite of baby food, she wanted the good stuff.
 Karsyn loves bathtime!  What 10 month old doesn't love to splash in the tub!

 Cooper is still enjoying kindergarten.  He is learning to read and his writing skills are rapidly improving.  He especially loves to write words about superheros, legos, ninja turtles, battles, and other boy stuff.  Somehow he writes those words twice as fast as regular words, hmmmmm.
Where these two tall skinny blonds came from I am not sure.  These two girls keep my life fun.  They are both learning to help me around the house, and they love it.  They both are always wanting to do hair, paint nails, dress up, and then two seconds later they are ready to wrestle and sword fight with their brother.  Lately they have been very interested in who they will marry and they both have boys at school lined up.  LOL!  I tell them that the most important thing about who they marry is if the person loves God.  Hopefully that will be the thing that sticks in their head.

I really struggle with trying to raise these girls in the right way.   I never thought that God would allow me to raise girls, since I never had a sister and I struggled with my relationship with my own mother.  What in the world does He have in mind?  The only good thing I can think of is that these girls force me to daily pray for guidance and wisdom, because I need loads of it to deal with these beautiful, independent, strong, stubborn, tough, smart girls.

It is amazing how time flies by.  I seem to be a bystander watching my life rushing by like a train at top speed.  This year, if the Lord wills it, my baby will turn 1, my husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage, my son will be 6 and go to first grade and my tall blondes will turn 4 and 5 on their birthdays, I will finish my coursework for my PhD and begin to research and write my dissertation.

I re-read the last paragraph and I feel it is very me centered, it is kind of annoying.  The longer I am on this earth, the more I realize how I have a deep yearning in my heart to help those who cannot help themselves.  Service and missions become increasingly important.  May God give me the eyes to see the ones around me needing His help and a voice to speak for those who are burdened and persecuted.

Anyway, random thoughts on a day that I get to stay at home and be a mommy.  Blogging is getting more difficult because of my job and school.  I will try to keep up a little, but don't be surprised if I kind of lay off for a couple of weeks at a time.