Monday, February 27, 2012

Misc, Valentines...

 Here are the kids and their valentines!

 Karsyn and her card from Grandma and Grandpa Cross, tasty!!

 The girls like to set up picnics everywhere, this is one of their picnics in the living room.  The energy and imagination that comes from these two is exhausting.  They are wild.  I love them, but wow, it is go-go-go all day.  (As if they see me do that or something.  :))  We have lots of picnics, tea parties, dances, concerts, princess dramas, doctor games, superhero games, spy games, mommy games, teacher games, and even a game that is called, "the baby is in the parking lot."

 Brian and Cooper practicing for T-Ball!  Cooper is going to play T-Ball this year!  What fun!  It will be interesting for sure.  At try-outs after he hit the ball he ran straight for 2nd base.  LOL!  I just want him to learn playing a team sport, and if he loves it great and if not great, we will try something else.  I refuse to be the parent who forces their kid to play sports, or do whatever.  We are not going to train our kids for the Olympics, World Series, Tour de France, whatever!, and I feel so sorry for kids whose parents choose to do that to their kids.  What a cruddy life.  Let the kids be kids!  

 Karsyn has decided she is too old for a bottle or formula and will only drink regular milk.  She taught herself  how to drink from a sippy cup.  I still give her a bottle a couple of times a day just to make sure she is getting enough milk.  She is not even 11 months old.  Smart little booger.  She loves to eat real food, that makes it easy on me.  She will take a couple of steps, but she can crawl so fast, she doesn't really feel a need to walk.  It is funny.  I expect her to really start any day now.
Sweet girl.  I love this baby.  She is getting big so fast.  I can remember last year, I was so pregnant and ready for her to be here.  But now I wish time would slow down just a little so I could enjoy her as a baby a little bit longer.  She doesn't talk much, Kenndall and Clayton could say more than her at this age.  But she says Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Bubba, Na-Na (which I think means no no), and Ma-Ba (which means milk), Hey, and maybe Bye-Bye.  I am not sold on that one.   and I think we heard her say Ba-Pa for Pa-Paw.  So, Dad, you are are the first Grandparent for her to say.  She can also clap, give high five, and sign more.  She is going to be so much fun this summer and so much work, I bet she will love love love the pool!