Monday, May 14, 2012

Cooper is 6!

 Coop with his awesome Wolverine Cake decorated by his daddy.
 With his gifts.
 Loves Lego!  Especially Star Wars or Superhero lego!
 His sweet Wolverine Mask.
 Neat Captian America from Aunt Kim and Uncle Cameron

The best lego ever!  The Batcave.

Coop had a great birthday!  I need to record a couple of things about this kid at 6 years old.  He loves to talk, and he feels the need to talk a lot.  He is very interested in animals, bugs, anything nerdy.  LOL!  He also loves superheros and power rangers.  He likes to jump on stuff and say he has Spider skills.  He likes me to read to him, but he is not a big fan of reading.  He likes to play with his sisters as long as they play his way.  He has never met a stranger, and will often go give random people hugs.  He loves hugging his friends from school.  One day he hugged every kid in his kindergarten class on his way out.  I thought it was sweet, and his teacher was annoyed.  He is friends with everyone, even the mean and naughty kids, even kids that have been mean to him, he is still friends with them.   He has an inquisitive mind and can remember everything he is told.  He knows more about superheros than most people.  He also enjoys learning about historical characters, George Washington and Teddy "Rosabell" are two of his favs.   Most of the time he says "yes ma'am".  He loves learning Bible stories and about God and Jesus.  Some of his prayers lately are, "Dear God, help me to learn about God and Jesus, help me to be kind, and I like Jesus and He likes me.  In Jesus Name, Amen."  It makes me laugh.  I love this sweet boy! 6 years has gone by in a flash....